10 Online Ways to Attract More Local Customers

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10 Online ways to attract more local customers

Marketing has taken over the internet, and the advertising landscape is becoming very saturated. Especially as a local business, this may make it harder to stand out to customers. However, that does not mean online marketing is not worth doing.

The best kind of marketing is the kind that works for you. This is why we’ve talked about how to increase foot traffic to your local business with Instagram, with Offline tactics, and now Online tactics! 

It is so crucial to work smarter and not harder. As a result, you will save more money and time. Let’s take a look at creative ways to leverage online marketing to drive foot traffic to your local business…

1. Promote Your Latest Customer Reviews on Facebook

According to a consumer survey done by BrightLocal, 92% of consumers now read online reviews vs. 88% in 2014. Since we know that so many people read online reviews, it is crucial to make those reviews visible! A great way to do this is incorporating them into your advertising.

By leveraging your Facebook advertising to promote your reviews, people will not only be introduced to your company but will already have an honest, positive, review from someone that has worked with you.

Pro Tip: Use remarketing to generate reviews. If people have filled out a form or something in your google analytics, you can retarget ads to these people encouraging them to leave a review on your business. An ad that says something like: “Love us? Leave us a Review! Facebook, Yelp, Google+. Your Choice.”

This will bring in some extra reviews that you can then use for more purposes than you may originally think. (Keep reading to find out what they are!)

2. Get Your Yelp Categories Correct

This may seem like just another hoop to jump through but choosing your category on Yelp is crucial for where it shows up. The listing that you rank on will also be affected by the category you choose! Just by adding a relevant category, you can jump up in rank compared to others.

Yelp Categories

Don’t think this is just going to affect your Yelp rankings though. As you know, the internet is a vast and sconnected place. How you set up Yelp will also affect your rankings on Google searches. By just getting your Yelp categories correct, you can see an immediate impact on your lead volume. 

3. Build Guides for Local Activities & Promote Them

A really creative way to promote your local business is by building guides. Find something relevant to your business and take some time to create a guide that can be posted on your website and then shared to social media.

This will increase your brand’s authority in the community, show that you’re knowledgeable, and that you have valuable content to provide. This can increase followers and increase foot traffic to your local business. 

4. Always Have Facebook Ads Going in Your Neighborhood

Guides local marketing

Local ads just for your neighborhood will increase brand awareness. The overall goal for any local marketing is when someone asks for a recommendation that your name is the first to come to their heads.

After running ads for two years on a small budget, Jeff Shaffer plumbing, became the top search result when the term ‘plumber dana point’ is searched. Google correlated his name with his local area and service. This shows just how impactful local advertising can be for brand awareness and search ranking. 

Pro-Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try running different kinds of ads like carousel ads and Stories ads to really boost your campaign success! Different ads will be better for certain kinds of businesses and promotion.

5. Leverage Call-Only Ads

Call only ads

If you are a local business that drives sales with phone calls then Call-Only ads will be your best friends. They completely avoid the need for a landing page and encourage your customer to call right at that moment. This is also a good alternative to those who do not have the money for an ad team or custom landing pages. These ads are designed for one purpose: them calling you. 

Here are what some local call-only ads look like:

Call only ad examples

6. Show Approximate Distance from Store in Your Mobile Social Ads

The wonderful aspect of phones are that they’re… mobile! Your customers aren’t stuck behind a desktop anymore. So, when you are creating these mobile ads you should cater to this fact. Try showing the distance away from a certain landmark. This hyper-specific local ad is something that big chain business just don’t have the time to do.

local business location marketing

However, you DO have the time and knowledge to get this done. Some tips for including your address are:

  • Try including your Zip Code in the ad headline
  • Talk about distance to your location
  • Localize Callout and extensions

7. Try Third-Person Ad Copy Instead of Talking About Yourself

According to WordStream, a digital advertising agency, after experimenting they have seen a higher click-through-rate with third person copy than not. Some examples are: 

“We Hired Them To Do Our AC and It Was Perfect.”

“They Truly Are Chicago’s Best Plumber”

“I Am a Raving Fan After Their Customer Service. You Need to Try Them.”

By using third person language you will instantly stand out and increase local traffic. 

Pro-Tip: Go to Yelp to check out some reviews from customers, copy, and use in your advertisements. As always, make sure you are testing, re-testing, and adjusting accordingly. 

8. Offer Emailed Mobile Coupons to Track Offline Conversion Intent

local business coupon title

Coupons can be a great way to increase foot traffic to your local business. It’s hard to see the fruits of your labor with offline tactics. There are not many ways to measure these things. But, with emailed coupons, customers can see them online, and redeem them at your store. This is a great way to see how many people are responding to you online marketing efforts. In result of this online tactic, you will see an immediate conversion to your physical store.

9. Create a “Get Directions” Page and Set Views as a Micro-Conversion

Get directions

If you are a local business, it may be difficult to find your store compared to your town’s McDonalds. This is why you should not make it harder than it has to be for people to find your store! Create a “Get Directions” page on your website. To track this information to see how your efforts are paying off, set this tab as a destination tab in Google Analytics. 

10. Test Store-Front Images in Your Display and Retargeting Ads

One way to stand out is to run ads with your physical store-front images. It will create brand awareness and introduce people to your store all online. They may be walking down the street and say “Hey, I’ve seen that place before.” 

If you are a local business that survives off of foot traffic, you want to start to correlate your online presence with your physical store. Nothing ties the digital world and the physical world together like a picture of your store. Give it a try!

In Conclusion 

As you can see, there are so many different ways to increase foot traffic to your local business with online tactics. There are so many more, but we thought we would share some of our more create and effective ideas. Be sure to check out our other blogs explaining how to increase foot traffic to your local business with Instagram, and Offline tactics.

Let us know in the comments what else has worked for you! 

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