How-To Guide for Addressing Negative Comments

If you are a human (good chance you are) then you have probably realized that you can’t please everybody. No business is 100% perfect, and not every customer interaction will be how you might expect. However, if you respond strategically to criticism you can actually change a customer’s experience from negative to positive.

How to Effectively Market to Generation Z

More than 4 billion people use the internet! But can you believe that about 40% of consumers are from one particular generation? Well, Generation Z is this particular group and there is obviously HUGE opportunity for…

Increase Your Instagram Stories Organic Reach

Instagram Stories are often overlooked. The full power of Instagram Stories usually go untapped. But that will no longer happen, because we are talking solely about Instagram Stories and how to unlock that hidden potential. This article will share tips on how to make stories that your audience wants to see, at a time that is relevant to them!

5 Social Media Mistakes You Need to Stop NOW

This is a blog post that everyone needs to read. No matter what your preferred social media platform is, the information in this blog is for you. Yes folks, we are talking about the many social media mistakes that we all have made from time to time. Let’s begin…