4 Ways to Boost Facebook Campaign Success

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You may have seen some data points in the past that suggest that Facebook is oversaturated with marketers and that there is little to no real estate for more Facebook campaigns. 

Sure, there is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social media platform of all time, with over 2 billion people using it daily. However, with that many active users there is surely plenty of opportunity for paid Facebook advertising. This is why marketers are still using it for marketing every day. 

No matter where a consumer is on the buyer’s journey, never discredit the influence that paid media has on their decision. Here is a fun fact for you: Did you know that 37% of shoppers get inspired to go through with a purchase because they were inspired by the business’s social media?

There are tons of strategies and tips to improve your Facebook marketing and we are going to give you a quick guide to improving your Facebook campaigns! 

Deploy A/B Testing

One mistake companies make is assuming they have their audience or consumers exactly accurate. The social media landscape changes constantly, and so do the users within that landscape. A/B testing can be a really great way to see how your audience responds to two variants of an advertisement, so you know how to present it moving forward.

a/b testing facebook campaign

A high velocity of testing can give you a better understanding of consumer patterns. It’s not just figuring out what specifically works. Evolve from what you are learning so you can maximize your advertisements. Once you have figured out what works best, make sure you target it correctly to really make the ad hit home. A beautifully designed advertisement with great copy can perform negatively if poorly targeted.

As marketers we need to be consistently researching new trends, features, and methods to maximize the impact of campaigns, so A/B testing is a perfect way to see how different versions of ads engage your audience. 

Develop Personal Relationships With Consumers

If you go up to a stranger on the street and ask them to do you a favor, they will probably just ignore you and walk away. But, if you asked that same favor to one of your friends, chances are they will try to help you out. The same goes with marketing! 

Customer loyalty is going to really help your marketing efforts. The engagement, feedback, and positive reinforcement from these loyal customers will attract other people and increase your reach. (Also, returning customers are always a plus!) These relationships will be cultivated through your strategic social media efforts in addition to your awesome products/services. 

The key is to work smarter and not harder from the beginning. You’ll spend way less money forming relationships instead of investing tons of money for new ones. Create a personalized brand that the audience can relate to and come to for answers. Strive to be a personable brand that people look forward to engaging with when provided the opportunity. Ask what your customers want to know more about, and what they want to see. 

When you strive to meet your customer’s interest it shows that you care and take the time to get to know what they find entertaining/interesting.

Pro-Tip: Loosen up! Show some personality in your posts to build a deeper connection with your audience. 

Video! Video! Video!

Visual content is king. Consumers are all about visual posts, but specifically videos on their newsfeed. It is a cold hard fact that video gets higher engagement than static images and text. That is why there are gifs, and platforms like TikTok and Facebook Watch to provide a means for consumers to quench their thirst for video.

Video is a very flexible way to customize your content to be visually appealing for your audience. You don’t need a full production team and fancy equipment to create effective video content. All you need is a smart phone and some really intuitive apps to start creating your Facebook ad. 

Ads that seem like a regular post from a friend perform better than an ad that look like… well, an ad! I won’t lie – if I am swiping through Instagram Stories and see something that is obviously an ad, I am totally skipping it within half a second. However, if it looks organic and interests me, I will most likely spend more time on that postand possibly swipe up. 

Pro-Tip: Here is a tip to creating a more organic feeling ad. In Instagram, try holding your phone like you’re taking a selfie, and record yourself talking like you would in a regular story post. Then, add some gifs and a little copy to your post. You can then save this and use it as a Facebook ad! This will look like an organic video post which will most likely perform better than an obvious ad. 

Equip Your Social Media Team

Make sure to arm your team with the necessary tools for success! Something like a basic photo-editing app or program can elevate the way you develop ads. Also, archiving previous work and templates can speed up workflow. It may be a good idea to set up a shared drive and organize it in a manner that makes sense to your project. Designate specific folders to specific teams and tasks.

Be sure to over-communicate the goals you want to achieve and the standards you hold for the company, to make sure everyone is on the same page. Maybe use team messaging apps like Slack to have everyone on the same platform for messages. In addition to effective strategies, archiving past analytics will help when tracking new campaign stats to see the change from both campaigns.. 

Prepare your team with everything they need to streamline this campaign the most efficient way possible. There are so many great resources online to do this, and many of them are free!

Have a Great Facebook Campaign

These tips will no doubt make your next Facebook campaign the best one yet! Start finding out what your audience is interested in and what topics get them excited. Then leverage the relationship you create to further build your brand. Don’t forget that equipping your social media team with the resources they need will surely improve the direction of your campaign. 

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