5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Content

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Maybe you have created your Business page but you’re not seeing much interaction with your Facebook content. Don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of ways to inject some life into your page and use it as a valuable tool to grow your business

Whether you want to boost sales, brand awareness, or interact with customers – knowing how to provide your content in the best way with your page is invaluable to your success on social media. 

Here are 5 tips to improve your business’ Facebook content so your customers come back for more. 

1. Offer value

Your Facebook page is a great way for you to inform your viewers about your business, but don’t go overboard. People don’t need to know every little thing about your brand. Think about what your business specializes in, and how you can provide value.

Offer more than just a picture of your office, and provide something of value like product tips, sales events, behind-the-scenes content and photos. Similarly, share some awesome third-party content like industry blogs and infographics.  

Facebook content like this will keep your customers engaged and anticipate your future posts. By providing content from other places, it will build your credibility in being a reliable source for information. 

Try doing a mini-series that you can keep up to date every week such as a “discount of the week” with an offer to one of your products or services.

Pro Tip: If you decide to offer a mini-series, be sure to let your audience know that it will be a weekly occurrence.


2. Be strategic with images

Before we dive into how to do this, let me give you two examples. Both images will represent the same thing: Nike kids sneakers.

Post A – In this first picture you are showing just a single shoe. Does it look professional? Yes! But does it make me want to engage with it? Maybe not as much as this next one…

Post B – In this picture, you see two kids their Nike sneakers in action! Does this look professional? Yes. Is it something I would more likely engage with? Yes. It evokes an emotion. 

As a brand you don’t want to come across as dull. Post photos that marry your professionalism and personality. Showing pictures of satisfied customers is just one of the many ways to breathe some life into your Facebook content. 

Similarly, try to share user-generated content in places like your Facebook story and news feed posts. Share their story and the experience they had with your company. After all, reviews are super important to how your company is perceived. 

3. Avoid Lengthy Posts

You may think that what you have to say is super important, because to you it really is important. But to your audience, they only spend a few split seconds deciding if they want to spend time on your post. With the amount of visual content that is out there, text posts are just not as rewarding anymore. 

Keep your posts short, sweet, and engaging. Long rambling posts will never garner the amount of likes, comments, and shares that you may be craving. 

Pro Tip: Keep your posts generally between 100-250 characters. (Even shorter posts of 60-80 characters are likely to be more easily absorbed by fans with rapid-fire attention spans.)

4. Focus on Engagement

What is content for if not for your audience? 

Whether you are posting a business announcement, quote, or any other piece of Facebook content, think about engagement. Keep your customers’ engagement on the top of your mind when deciding how to frame your message. Every piece of content you put out should insight engagement with your audience. 

Pro Tip: Try offering polls when asking questions. For example, you could ask your followers to share their favorite motivational quote to fight through the week. Invite fans at the end of a blog post to comment. Always encourage engagement. 

5. Connect like a friend

Forbes says it perfectly: Connect like a friend, and not like a Business.

In fact, advertisements that look like normal posts actually tend to perform better than ones that clearly look like an advertisement. Facebook is all about the personal experience, so treating it as a billboard or commercial will get you nowhere. You need to be the main event for your viewers. 

Post news updates in a simple, informal, and fun way. Save the press release and marketing stuff for another time and place if you are looking for engagement. When you have a truly major occurrence, you can create a Facebook milestone. When you hit 1,000 fans or have a post that gets a couple hundred likes you should definitely be proud!


Share news with followers in a way you would like to consume content when you are not on the clock. If you run out of content, take a look at some content that has done really well for you in the past. Maybe you can repurpose it. Or, maybe it will inspire you to create a series out of it. Get creative!

Pro Tip: Mix up your content format between text posts, contests, videos, photos, polls, etc. Keep it exciting and unexpected!

Just remember 

Facebook is less about marketing and more about making connections. Have conversations and create relationships with your customers. If you feel up to it, create a Facebook group for fans of your brand to connect in one place (This has a ton of advantages). 

By staying focused on engagement, you will be able to come up with plenty of ideas for content. We hoped these tips have helped you! Be sure to let us know how these work for you or if you have more tips please share in the comments below. Check out more On the Radar Blogs to make your mark on the world.

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