7 Tips to Terrific Customer Service

February 19, 2020 / by

The advancement of technology is changing our products, advertising, and lifestyles. In addition, it is changing the way we interact with said product, and advertising. However, customer service has not. 

Customer service is simply customers needing help, having a question answered or getting a problem resolved. It’s an important responsibility to take the relationship between your brand and customers seriously.

To start, Sprout Social put together top reasons as to why customers may reach out to your brand on social media.


For that reason, here are 7 tips that will greatly help you with all your customer service endeavors. If you haven’t made this a focus in the past, now is the time. 

1. Respond Faster

Good customer service will without a doubt get you more customers. A quick response can be the difference between your product getting sold or ignored. About 80% of customers use social media platforms to engage and interact with brands. 

Strive to make sure it is easy and clear for people to get a hold of your brand. Put a ‘contact’ button on your website, and set up messages on all of your social media accounts. On average, 63% of consumers are satisfied with response time in social media. Do whatever you have to do to be accessible, because accessibility is one of the keys to great customer service. 


Also, it may be tempting to use a bot or automated service, but when possible make your customer service as human and personable as it can be. Nobody likes calling up a business’ number and talking to an automated message. The same goes with messaging on social platforms. Making that personal connection with a customer will further connect them to your brand. 

Pro Tip: Although it is important to keep that human connection, sometimes chatbots can be a great time saver both you and your customers. For something like frequently asked questions, chatbots can be a great thing to have set up. That way, your customer can get an answer quickly, and you will not have to invest time in answering a large volume of the same questions.

2. Be Proactive

Once you establish that connection with your customers, don’t leave them in the dark! Send them regular updates like new offers, discounts, services, and other helpful information. Be sure to nurture the relationship you have initially established. 

Think of all the brands and companies competing for that one customer’s attention. Be consistent, and offer valuable or entertaining content to keep them engaged. Don’t let that initial work of capturing their attention go by the wayside because you are not being proactive. It doesn’t have to be a taxing job to come up with content. Find some previous awesome content pieces you’ve released and repurpose them to engage your audience. 

Pro Tip: Something like a Facebook group can be a great way for followers of your brand to not only connect with you personally, but also with other fans of your brand. 

3. Empathize with the Customer 

Understand why your customer has taken the time to reach out to you. Take note of the tone of voice and the information they provided. It is best to come across as compassionate rather than insensitive. The ultimate goal is to end the conversation with them feeling satisfied and treated fairly. After all, these customers have invested in you

Multiple customer support options allow customers to contact you in the way that’s most convenient for them. Customers value time and convenience so much that they will even pay for it! Check out an example of one Tesla customer’s awesome customer service experience.

When dealing with negative feedback online it must be handled with care and strategy. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

4. Don’t Always Auto-Respond

I had mentioned earlier that auto-responses can be good for frequently asked questions and things along those lines. However, remember that it is just as important to keep that personal feeling. So which is it? Well, both. Use your discretion when deciding how to use automated messages. A good practice is to have different auto responses for different types of inquiries. Don’t just have a blanket response for all inquiries whenever you get a message. 

By delegating a certain type of response for a specific topic, you keep that personalized feel while reaping the benefits of an automated message. 

5. Stick to the Right Channel

Listen: You do not have to be on every single social media channel. But, you must be available to your customers on the ones that make the most sense for your brand. Each social media channel has their own way of doing things. Address your customers needs accordingly. For example, LinkedIn will need to have more of a professional approach in comparison to other channels like Twitter and Instagram. 

Find your platform of choice. Which ones can you stay active on? Which ones are your customers using? Which one works best with your business model? These are all questions to consider when using social media. However, good customer service is a must regardless of the channel. 

A great example of this is Netflix. Netflix has a separate twitter account for customer service related tweets. 


6. Take things Elsewhere

In certain cases, sensitive information will need to be transferred, or a long reply is necessary. Some platforms don’t allow these types of things to happen. In these cases, move the conversation elsewhere like phone or email. Remember to keep a helpful and friendly tone. 


7. Maintain Consistency

Additionally, maintain the same level of quality, accuracy, and professionalism across all of your customer service channels. Whether you are interacting with a customer on the phone or on Twitter, the same rules apply. Keep your mindset focused on assisting them and being personable. A friendly demeanor can go a long way in positively affecting your customer’s attitude toward a situation. Their positive experience will keep them coming back and investing in your brand. 

People talk! They can share their experience with others. It may take the form of a Google review or Facebook post, or within discussions with friends and family. This is why you must be prepared to provide an awesome customer service experience every time! 

In conclusion

Whether you are a customer service expert, or new to it all together, it is always good to seek improvement. So, well done! Your customer’s experience is one of the most important things you should attend to as a business. After all, they are the reason your company exists! Maybe even take the time to ask your customers’ of their experiences with your product or service. It shows you care. In the end, that is what customer service is about.