Social Media Platforms: Beyond FB and Instagram

There are other platforms besides Facebook and Instagram that still boast a huge user base. And, they have proven effective to many businesses. Let’s take a look at some social platforms you may not have heard of, or have not thought about implementing to your marketing plan!

5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Content

Whether you want to boost sales, brand awareness, or interact with customers – knowing how to provide your content in the best way with your page is invaluable to your success on social media. Here are 5 awesome tips to inject some life into your page and improve your Facebook content.

The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content

Your audience wants as much consistent and valuable content that you can provide. However, it can be hard to come up with pieces of content for every platform on a daily basis. Worry not, there is a way you can use previously shared pieces of content again. This is called repurposing content. 

Using Facebook Groups for Business

Facebook groups are becoming more of a priority to marketers than they ever have. In this blog we go over the reasons why, how to start your own Facebook group, and awesome tips to keep your group thriving!

Facebook Live: Business Survival Guide

Over a quarter of the world’s population has watched a Facebook Live video! Here is your how-to guide to making your next Facebook Live video count.

2020 Social Media Trends to Expect

Given the importance of social media in people’s regular lives, it is crucial to know the best ways to connect with your consumers in the new year. The year is changing and with that… so here are the social media trends! 

4 Ways to Boost Facebook Campaign Success

No matter where a consumer is on the buyer’s journey, never discredit the influence that paid media has on their decision. Facebook has plenty of oppurtunity for paid marketing and these tips will no doubt make your next Facebook campaign the best one yet!

Holiday Marketing Strategies You NEED to Know!

If you want to make that end of the year push, now is definitely the time to start amping up your holiday marketing game. You should be going all out with your marketing efforts. Social Media is the new window shopping. These strategies will no doubt up your holiday marketing game!

3 FB Messenger Tools That Will Make You Money!

Facebook Messenger has been a way for businesses and their customers to interact with people. Recently, Facebook has made Messenger so much more than just a communication platform. Read on to see how Facebook has just created three messenger tools that will make your business more money! 

How to Use Carousel Ads to Market Your Business

Due to the positive numbers that companies have seen after implementing them into their ad campaigns, carousel ads sound too good to be true! See how to leverage these ads to drive sales and market your business in this blog.