How a Call-To-Action Will Increase Your Sales

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How A Call To Action Will Increase Your Sales Title

Imagine you want to take a day trip to a big city. You are at a train station and want to buy a ticket. Looking around not knowing where to go, you see a sign with an arrow pointing down that says “Buy Your Ticket Now.”

You then go under the sign, buy a ticket, and hop on the train to enjoy a great day in the city. Without that sign instructing you what to do next, you may have gotten frustrated, not bought a ticket, and settled to go somewhere else.

The difference between having a call-to-action (CTA) and not having one, could be the difference between getting someone to do what you want or not. This is why it is crucial to know what makes an effective CTA, and how you can implement them in all your marketing tactics.

The purpose of a call-to-action, is to get someone to take a particular action that you want them to take. To do this, there are multiple ways to motivate your audience. There are actually 8 different CTAs that will help you achieve your goal, and increase conversions.

However, you must be strategic and be sure that your CTA is effective. Can you spot the difference between an effective and ineffective call to action?

CTA #1

“Hey guys – Just wrote this blog called How to Save Gas this Summer. It’s up on my website now!”

CTA #2

“Hey guys – Click the link below to see how you can save money on gas this summer!

*CTA Button* (Ex: Save Now, Learn More, Click Here)

Which do you guys think is the more effective Call-To-Action? If you chose #2, you’d be right! In the second option, there was a personal message to the reader, followed by a strong command verb, and a way for your audience to take immediate action to go to your post.

In CTA #1, there was no part telling the reader to take an action. The text was not engaging and it just said the title of the blog. In the second option, it almost created a fear of missing out: If you don’t click this then you will not know how to save money this summer.

It is a very minor change in phrasing, but it can mean the difference between someone reading your blog post or just scrolling by.

How to Spice Up Your CTAs

Spice Up Your CTA Title

Another way to get people to click on your call-to-action is by spicing up the words you use. So many businesses use the typical phrases: Shop Now, Learn More, etc. Here are some examples of how to spice up your CTAs.

CTA Examples

Three Characteristics of Effective CTAs

There are three characteristics to an effective Call-to-Action.

  1. Tell them what to do
  2. Tell them why you should do it
  3. Provide a way to do it immediately

It seems so simple but so many people do not do it right. Don’t be one of those people. These small but compelling changes will make all the difference in your marketing funnel. Get more leads, more clicks on your blog, and ultimately more sales!

Learn more about CTAs in our video below. Is there anything you want to learn more about? Let us know in the comments and we will find out everything you need to know.

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