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Since video is the preferred way of marketing, YouTube is a great place to upload content and market your brand. With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is the second largest website out there. However, even though there are 2 billion users, it may seem like you are not getting many YouTube views at all. Which may be why you are reading this blog!

Starting out can be tough, so don’t be discouraged. But, there are proven strategies to rack up those views. Just follow these specific steps and watch traffic increase. 

Three Basics to Cover

  • Have a Clear Vision 

Just like any other new endeavor, it’s important to cover the basics. Make sure to know what you want your YouTube channel to be about. People are more likely to subscribe to your channel if they know what to expect.

When thinking about video topics, keep them interesting, relatable, and valuable to your target audience. You can offer various types of videos, but make sure they are all relevant to your viewers. 

Pro Tip: Add a channel trailer introducing your brand and what your YouTube channel is about.  This way, when people visit your profile they will instantly understand what your brand’s Youtube channel is about, as well as put a face and voice to your brand. 

  • Create Strong Visual Identity

Make sure your account looks complete and professional. Fill in all the information as possible, and fill in the images with photos that sets your youTube profile from the rest, and aligns with your brand. Make sure your images match YouTube’s recommended dimensions so stretching and pixilation doesn’t occur.


Then, fill out the “About” section and add in your email to the contact section. Make sure this is all very clear and easy for your audience to find. In the end, your goal is to get YouTube views, but the bigger win is getting customers to use your product/services. Last thing to do is connect your social profiles at the bottom of your banner. 


Pro Tip: Check out your competitors! Looking at what your competition is doing can be a great way to learn about what you should and should not do. Read their descriptions, check out their profile images, and study how they made their content. 

  • Consistency is Key

Think of your channel as a TV show. You wouldn’t want your favorite show to have two episodes one week, one episode three weeks later, and then another a year later. Be consistent if you want to see a steady increase of YouTube views. Show your viewers that you are worth the investment of their time. 

Keep these tips in mind to get people engaging with your content:

  • Be Consistent. Publish on at least a weekly basis if possible.
  • Post Often. YouTube’s ranking algorithm prioritizes channels that post frequently. 
  • Be realistic. Shoot for a schedule you can sustain. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, but try to stick to your goals once they are set. 
  • Share your schedule. Let people know you have a YouTube channel and share how often you post. 


Pro Tip: Try creating a content calendar laying out all your videos, when you’re going to post them, who’s going to be in them, etc. You can add this as a part of your regular social media calendar (That you should definitely create if you do not already have one.)

Let’s Get More YouTube Views

Do your research to improve ranking

YouTube is more than just a website that hosts videos. It is a search engine. One of the top ways to get more YouTube views is by optimizing your videos for search. 

Add tags to your videos when you are in the upload process. These keywords will help the algorithm understand what your video is about. Take the time to add captions so it can understand exactly what you are talking about. Put your primary topic in the title, in the description, and in the tags. Be thorough.

All these things improve your ranking, which is one of the top ways to get YouTube views. Let’s be honest, do you ever really go past the front page when searching for a YouTube video?

Pro Tip: There are a ton of great ways to search awesome keywords you may want to include. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Tube Buddy are an awesome way to take your YouTube video SEO to the next level.

Use Custom Thumbnails 

We are visual people which is why we wear so many different types of clothes, or decide what we want to eat. It’s just how we are. This is why you need to be making your video thumbnails visually engaging. Thumbnails play a big part in what a viewer decides to watch. 

There are tons of videos about choosing the right thumbnail alone. Now you may see trends on YouTube with how a lot of people decide on their thumbnails. In the end, here are three tried and true ways to know you are on the right track with your thumbnail. 

  • The thumbnail is an accurate depiction of what your video is about. It is clear and does not mislead people into clicking. (The YouTube algorithm pays attention to your watch time so if this is something you are doing, you are only hurting yourself in the long run.) 
  • The thumbnail stands out
  • The thumbnail works with the title of your video.


Standing out can be as simple as adding a border, or a bright color to your text. Or, it could be a picture of your face (in good quality) making an exaggerated expression with proper lighting. On the other hand, it could be very minimalistic and unfiltered. Think about what will work with your brand’s identity. 

Pro Tip: The only way to add these flashy thumbnails is by enabling custom thumbnails. Once you have this feature enabled, use your preferred photo editing software of choice to make your thumbnail pop. This will without a doubt increase your YouTube views! 

Create Playlists

Organizing and creating playlists is a great way to get some views. When someone is watching a video in your playlist, you have control of the video that is going to play next. If you have a series or a certain type of video (Behind the scenes, One minute tip, Etc.) you can create a playlist where all of these can live.

In essence, someone can binge watch all your playlist videos in a row and never click away to another channel. 

Pro Tip: It makes sense to direct your viewer to where they would want to go next. It’s not recommended to put a bunch of random videos together that have no relevance to each other. If it is a series of videos, create a playlist just for that series (For example, our Selling on Instagram YouTube series.) 

Direct Traffic using Cards and End screens

Besides playlists, cards and end screens can motivate your viewer to click on where you want them to go next. Cards are clickable and interactive areas that can be clicked on a YouTube video. These can be polls, but since we are interested in increasing videos you should link them to another one of your videos or playlists. 


Take advantage of this powerful tools! You can even send them to your website, but that won’t help you get more YouTube views. 

Pro Tip: If you see a noticeable retention issue where there is a specific audience drop off point in your video, try adding an interactive card at that point to keep them engaged. A card can keep them watching your videos, rather than moving on to something else. 

While cards are there to interact with your audience, end screens are your final chance of adding a call to action to encourage viewers to take the next step. Chances are if someone made it to the end of your video, they really enjoyed your content. So, don’t leave them hanging! 

Use these end screens to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, or to check out more videos. Be sure to remember that you will need to add a few extra seconds to the end of your video in order to add these end screens, otherwise it will go over your main content. 

Suggest a playlist rather than a single video to keep your viewers engaged with all your videos.

Check out what SNL does at the end of their videos! They include four calls to actions. Instead of relying on the algorithm to choose what’s best, they chose their own videos to suggest. 


Pro Tip: Make your own end screen backgrounds! Customize them to fit your brand so you stand out from the rest! This way you wont just have a black screen with some clickable items floating there. Make it POP!

Build Relationships with your Viewers

Building relationships with your viewers will keep them watching! Think of it this way: You wouldn’t listen to a stranger talk about what they did last week. But you will listen to your best friend tell you about their week. The same concept applies to YouTube.

By engaging with other YouTube creators, commenters, and viewers, you will increase the chances that they will interact with your brand, subscribe, and watch more of your videos!

Additionally, be present on your YouTube channel. In fact between 2017 and 2018, 70% more YouTube users said they follow a YouTube creator and interact with their channel everyday. Without a doubt, you can be one of those YouTube creators. 

Pro Tip: Here are some ways, provided by Hootsuite, to get the interaction going:

  • Reply to comments (If you ‘heart’ a comment, the commenter will be notified)
  • Run a YouTube Contest (Maybe partner with another brand with this)
  • Make reaction videos
  • Include other people’s content in your videos (with their permission)

Promote your YouTube Videos on Social Media

This may seem like a no brainer, but you have to be intentional about sharing your awesome new videos on your social media platforms. However, there are some common misconceptions about sharing YouTube videos on social media.

If you want more YouTube views, please do not do the following:

A: Post text or an image with a link to your YouTube video on all your social media.

B: Upload your entire video onto these other platforms

Here’s why!

Option A: The problem with posting an outbound link on social platforms is that they want to keep people on their platform. Therefore, the algorithms of these social platforms will not promote your text/image-only post with a link directing users off of their platform. As a result, your clicks are going to be low, and thus so will your YouTube views. 

Option B: Uploading your entire video to their platform is exactly what they want you to do. It may get you great engagement on those platforms, but will not contribute at all to getting more YouTube views.

Instead, promote your video by doing this:

Post a short teaser video directly to your social media accounts and add a link to the full YouTube video.

Ask Viewers to Subscribe

Your typical organic reach is very much correlated with the amount of subscribers that you have. The more subscribers you have, the more views you will get right off the bat. 

Growing your subscriber base could have a whole separate blog written about it, but for now let’s stick to focusing on your growing your YouTube view count.

In Conclusion

It’s time to get to work! Start brainstorming what you want your YouTube channel to reflect. Figure out what you want your videos to be about. Then set a schedule. Be consistent and develop relationships with your audience to build a strong community around what you’re doing. In the end, you may even get some clients from YouTube presence!

Let Inscribe and its readers know about your channel. Post your YouTube channel in the comments below, so we can connect and promote your hard work.

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