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If you’re reading this then you probably share the same desire as most people on social media: to grow your following. However, so many people skip the most important step of optimizing their profile. 

In this article you’ll discover useful tips to help build and optimize your Instagram profile. We’ll talk branding, personality, and making that crucial strong first impression.

#1: Choose a Quality Profile Photo That Reflects Your Branding

First off, the first thing someone new sees on Instagram is your profile picture. This photo must represent who you are and be instantly recognizable. Many brands will use their logo because it helps them stay visually consistent across all platforms. If you’re an influencer, maybe showcase a photo that communicates not only who you are but what you do. 

Alex Strohl, a photographer, showcases his industry in his profile picture. Maybe this is more your style if you are working on building your personal brand. 

Pro-Tip: Make sure your profile picture is high quality, not pixelated, and looks good on all devices. 

#2: Include a Keyword With Your Name

The next step in optimizing your Instagram profile is to include a keyword with your name. To ensure people can find you, make sure the name you share on Instagram is in fact your name and not your Instagram username. The reason you do this is because people will use either your name or company name when searching on Instagram. Making your name the same as your handle decreases visibility. 

In addition to searching handles and names, users search keywords. It can be a great idea to include a keyword with your name because even if the keyword is not in your handle, you can still be found through the keyword in your name. 

If you take a look above, you can see that Anina did not just put “Anina.” She used other keywords like Vegan and Zurich. In result, Anina’s Instagram would appear in a search for “vegan” and for those looking for the location “Zurich.” 

Putting a keyword in your name will triple your searchability. 

To choose keywords for your name, think about the target keywords that potential followers might use to find inspirational or helpful accounts. Some people also search locations, so be sure to consider adding that as a keyword. 


The next optimization tip is to add what you do to your name. If you are an interior designer, add “Interior Designer” to your name. If you are based in Houston, add “Houston” to your name. 

Pro Tip: To add these keywords all you need to do is open your profile, click the edit profile button, and then in the name field, type your keyword after your name. You may want to separate your name and keyword with something like an emoji for clarity. 



#3: Incorporate Target Keywords in Your Bio

Similar to your name try Incorporating target keywords in your bio. This is the section that comes after your name. You only have a very short window of time to make a great first impression, so you should be making your bio easy to scan so people quickly understand what you are all about. This is where you should clarify what kind of content people can expect to find on your account. 

Take a look at Gisele Ayora’s bio. She explains how often to expect content, what her content is about, and uses keywords that people interested in her type of account will likely search. You can even take advantage of a recent feature that enables you to add hashtags, other accounts and links to your bio. 


In Iris Dijkers’ bio you can see she utilizes a hashtag in addition to everything else we have addressed. People can follow this hashtag and see all the posts related to it when they are posted. So, essentially someone could see your post if they follow the hashtag, without necessarily following you. 

The branded hashtag and links are prime real estate that should totally be used because it gives you and your brand more visibility! To add these, go to your profile, click edit profile, and then add the tags under the “bio” section. 

Using these keywords from your niche will help your target audience find you better. Additionally it will help them clearly understand whether or not your account is relevant to them. 

Pro Tip: If you are unsure what keywords to use, take a look at other similar accounts to yours that use keywords. This can be a good starting off point when getting started. Then, think of what makes you unique and sets you apart from them. Your bio is your place to put your best foot forward. 

#4: Add a CTA Before the Link to Your Blog or Latest Offer

Instagram does not want its users straying outside of their platform. That is why they are even integrating shoppable posts all within its native interface. However, they do allow one place for you to add a link, and that is at the bottom of your profile. 

Additionally, accounts with over 10,000 followers can add a “swipe up” link. People will be able to swipe up, and they will be automatically taken to the link you attached to your story. 

Your Instagram bio is really your only opportunity to organically drive traffic to the domain of your choosing. Take Tyler J. McCall’s Instagram bio for example. He is offering a free Instagram class and his URL will direct you straight to the class. 

Think about what call to action would work best for your page. Is there a landing page for a promo that Instagram users could take advantage of? Do you want more traffic to your newest blog? 


Similar to the other ways of optimizing your Instagram profile, to add a link you simply go to the edit profile button and find where it says “Website.”

Be conscious that the last line of your bio will be placed right above your website. Be sure to make the last line of your bio a call to action for the link below. This will connect your bio and your link seamlessly from top to bottom. 

Pro tip: Emojis can make a bio stand out. It adds excitement to what would rather be an aesthetically boring thing to see: just four or five lines of text. Try thinking of how you can use emojis to spice up whatever you are trying to portray. 

#5: Use Line Breaks, Emojis, and Custom Fonts to Fine-Tune Your Bio

After you cover the fundamentals like keywords, URL, name, etc. add some personality to your bio. For example, add a favorite quote or funny line that represents your brand well. For example Lauren Bullen includes the line “Let’s Get Wander-fully Lost” to her travel account. 

Take note of the line breaks in her bio. These line breaks make it so there are not just long lines of text running into each other. Because of this, it is much easier to read. To add line breaks, tart editing your bio and tap the “return” button on your keyboard wherever you want to add a line break. Consider adding emojis to split up the line breaks. 

Pro-Tip: Don’t just use emojis and line breaks for no reason. Be strategic with them, and your profile will look both professional and welcoming. To use custom fonts, try an iOS app like Textizer. This app allows you to customize the font in your bio. 

#6: Select the Correct Business Category

To add more specificity to your account, choose an Instagram business category. If your Instagram profile is a business account (which it should be as it comes with many useful analytics and tools) then you have the option to add a business category.


Your Instagram business category is the same as the category you picked for your Facebook business page To modify your Instagram business category on mobile, go to edit profile, and scroll down to category. From there you will be able to select the correct category for your page.

#7: Add Contact Info

So many people will look up a person or business on Instagram before reaching out. Make sure you do not make it difficult for them to do so and add your contact info.

This includes your email, phone number, and address. Tap edit profile, and open the business information section. Then tap Contact options to see the contact fields. You do not need to fill these all in, but any field you fill in will appear on your Instagram bio.

Pro Tip: If you make all the contact options available, then you may cut off important information in your bio and force users to click the ‘More’ option (the three dots icon), which makes it harder for the user. 


#8: Add an Action Button 

An action button is similar to your contact options but they do different things. The four new action buttons are:

  • Book
  • Buy Tickets
  • Start Order
  • Reserve


The action buttons that appear on your account will directly tie into the app you select for the button integration. If you want to learn more about how to add an action button to further optimize your Instagram profile then click here. 

In Conclusion

Although your Instagram content and captions are super important, your profile determines that important first impression. Don’t let your great content fall on deaf ears with a mediocre profile. Use the tips that we’ve provided in this blog to optimize your Instagram profile to a professional status. 

As always, be sure to check out more On the Radar blogs to keep building your business! Feel free to share any other tips you may have to optimize your Instagram profile in the comments below.

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