How to Use Carousel Ads to Better Market Your Business

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Okay, I’ll yet you know now — carousel ads sound too good to be true, due to the numbers that companies have seen after implementing them into their ad campaigns. Let me present the facts.

  • Carousel Ads perform 10 times better than regular ads
  • Carousel Ads have 72% higher CTR than single image ads
  • They drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost per-click than domain ads

If you do not know what carousel ads are, they are ads that allow you to showcase 2-10 images (or videos) in a single ad. Each image has its own link to your product, blog, website, etc. These options give you a lot of space to be creative. You can highlight a single product, or showcase a whole line of products.

With carousel ads performing 10 times better than regular ads, and being cheaper than regular ads, you should definitely be taking advantage of this opportunity. Carousel ads come with product descriptions, prices, and call-to-action links that make deciding and buying much easier for customers.

Now What?

Now you know what they are, but it is really something else to see them in action!

There are many creative ways to use carousel ads. How you’re going to maximize them is the challenge to you and your competitors. You can use them for expected uses like catalogs, virtual tours, or you can get creative with them and do something a little more unique. Check out how Rolex used a carousel ad.

Rolex decided to split their carousel into making it seem like their watch is one picture. It is eye catching, engaging, and effective. Let’s take a look at another example. This carousel ad was found on Instagram, and we have stitched it together to demonstrate the larger picture this company was trying to display. The more the user swiped, the more they learned about the WANDRD backpack, and in the last slide displayed a Call-to-Action.

Another really cool advantage of the carousel ads is that they let you display more than the typical Facebook dimensions of 1200×628px. See how this one company use the titles of each block to demonstrate their product’s key features.

What you need to be careful of is that not everyone will swipe through all of your slides so make sure that what is in the text and first image of your ad is eye catching so you can still get your main idea across.

Another way that companies have used these carousel ads is by treating them like virtual tours. GMC used a carousel ad to show what it would be like sitting inside their car.

Just remember that the key to coming up with the right carousel ad for your company is to imagine each block as blank spaces. You can then create ads from these blank canvases that your customers will enjoy to click through.

6 Creative Ways to Market your Brand using Carousel Ads

The previous examples are great ways to use carousel ads, but there are plenty of other ways to use them to further the success of your marketing endeavors. These carousel ads are more than just images to showcase products. They can be used to really get a variety of messages across to your audience. Here are 6 creative ways to market your brand using carousel ads.

Present Your New Product

These ads are super effective for presenting new products. Customers can view at their own pace and see everything you have to offer.

Ask for Feedback and Opinions

For example, if you are a restaurant you can put up multiple pictures of meals and ask which looks the best to them? You can do this with anything you want to get customer feedback and opinions. This makes customers feel involved, gives you an idea about what customers prefer, and helps increase conversions.

Share Your New Content

Do you have a blog? You can use carousels to share your content! Share your favorite blogs that you’ve written in a carousel and let customers figure out which one is suitable for their interests.

Offer Discounts

Use Facebook Carousels to inform your audience about discounts, special offers, and limited edition items! You can give your customers coupons and codes just through an ad.

Tell Your Brand’s Story & Build Brand Awareness

These can go hand in hand. Create a carousel with pictures telling your brand’s story. Ot if there is a special day to your company, for example the day your company was founded, create a post celebrating your success and showcase what you’ve developed in the time you’ve been a company. The options are endless – just figure out what works for you!

Share Your Ideas and Solve Problems

Helzberg diamonds explains an issue that some people might face, and they introduce how they have solved it. This is a very clever way to use carousels.

Increased Lead Generation

People may not convert into a customer from the ad itself, but they may come to your Facebook page. Carousel ads can be a great way to increase lead generation. This is why it is important to make sure you are an active company on social media.

In Conclusion

These ads showcase your brand in a unique way.  Get creative with it – Maybe you could showcase your store/office front to attract local business. Facebook Carousel ads are one of the best ads to invest your money in to drive sales and boost engagement, while giving you a ton of creative freedom to be yourself! 

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