The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content

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By now, you’ve seen it talked about everywhere: content, content, content! That’s the name of the game. Your audience wants as much consistent and valuable content that you can provide. However, it can be hard to come up with pieces of content for every platform on a daily basis. Worry not, there is a way you can use previously shared pieces of content again. This is called repurposing content. 

Your company’s brainstorming is made easier by repurposing your content, which can be just as beneficial to your audience as it was the first time. Think of it as using little pieces from the final product, and sharing those in a new form. 

When you repurpose a piece of content, you’re doing one of two things (or both): changing the format of the content, and/or changing the target audience for the content. 

It’s always good to choose a topic that can be divided up and used. For example, “Tips To Be A Great Social Media Marketer” can include many different topics that you can go more in depth in through blogs, posts, pictures, or videos. It’s a great way to attract more people through different segments.

What Content Can be Repurposed

Find your evergreen content.

Look for the content you’ve posted that is always relevant. Look for content that will always be seen as valuable for your audience. The most important aspects of evergreen content are timelessness and quality.

  • The timelessness of this type of content ensures that it will be relevant.
  • The high quality of evergreen content ensures that it will not only get the attention of your audience, but be valued as well. It is more than just a catchy title. 

Your Most Popular Posts 

Review your most popular posts. See which ones did the best in each month, and then for the year. If a post from February was your most popular post in May, then chances are it is a great post, and possibly a piece of content that should be repurposed. 

See if You Have More to Say on a Topic 

While you are reviewing your archive of content, keep an eye out for any content you would be able to improve. Maybe you’ve learned some stuff since the piece of content was posted. Maybe there is an update regarding the information you originally provided. You be the judge, and start repurposing some of that content!

6 Huge Benefits of Repurposing Content

1. SEO Boost – Having multiple pieces of content around the same topic can be really good for SEO. By targeting multiple pieces of content around a specific keyword, it can boost the relevance of your site regarding that keyword. If you take that repurposed content outside of your website, you can have backlinks for your site, which is an added SEO bonus. 

2. Reach a new audience – Chances are, your original piece of content may have only been exposed to a small group of followers. Repurposing the content for different mediums allows you to access a new group of people. 

Also, some people are visual learners, while others prefer a more in depth explanation. You need to keep in mind that consumers are at different stages of your marketing funnel. Changing the angle and format will help customer’s complete their customer journey. 

3. Reinforce your message – Did you know that buyers typically need to hear your message seven times before they decide to purchase? This is where repurposed content becomes a star. By presenting your pieces of content in multiple ways on different occasions will further instill the message you are trying to get across.  

4. Gain More Authority – By consistently posting quality content regarding a certain topic or industry, people will start to regard you as an expert. It’s all about building your reputation in your industry. This will help your business as a whole, and hopefully develop a certain type of trust between your customers and brand. 

5. Maximizes Time and Effort – Repurposing content will cut your time down since you’ve already done the work once. And, it still keeps the quality of the content high. Repurposing content gives you time to focus on other things that need your attention like new marketing ideas, pieces of content, or other aspects of your business.

6. Increase Your Online Presence – The more quality content you put out, the better online presence you will have. Your online presence will raise brand awareness and attract people to your business. Hopefully, the extra online effort will get you some customers too!

How do you Repurpose Content?

You may be reading this wondering how in the world do you even start to repurpose content. Well, after deciding which piece of content can be repurposed, start to think about how you can alter it to make it fresh and new. That is the first step.

Here are some specific ways to repurpose content:

1. Create new blog posts and articles

Think of all the cover songs that were inspired by other artists. Think of all the spin offs there have been of other TV shows! Sometimes, people like these variations more than the original piece of content itself. Same goes with your social media content. For example, a high quality blog can yield high quality images, videos, etc. because it’s just good from the start! 

One way to repurpose blogs is to take a look at 3-5 similar topics you’ve done that can be summarized into one new blog post. Or, you can create an updated version of this topic that will benefit your audience once again. 

2. Build an infographic

If you acquired a lot of data on around a topic, consider making an infographic. It is a visually pleasing way to demonstrate data and information that may otherwise fall flat written out in a blog. These infographics can be repurposed again when there are new stats available!

Infographics can be fun! Take a look at one of the infographics our team at Inscribe Management created around some stats from the 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. 

3. Refresh and republish old posts

Don’t let some outdated information be the bane of one of your article’s existence. It could be an awesome article but if it seems outdated, viewers may not give it the time of day. An easy fix would be to simply update it. Then, repost and republish another awesome piece of content!

Pro Tip: If an article seems outdated but is still getting a lot of attention then just update it without creating a whole new article entirely. 

4. Repost and re-promote to social media

Okay great, you repurpose your content, now what? Don’t let it fall on deaf ears… or no ears at all. Make sure you let everyone know that you have updated your content to be relevant once again.

Similarly, your new social media followers may not have even seen the post that you initially posted before. That is why it is crucial to the success of repurposed content to let all your followers know about any updates. 

Take a look at the example below showcasing research done by Tom Tunguz, and just how effective recirculating posts can be.


 5. Repost on Quora

The obvious social platforms to share your content on are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. But, have you considered the huge opportunity that is Quora? A lot of businesses have seen success by posting on this question and answer based site, and are actually seeing leads develop from their consistency on the platform.

Post on your own Quora blog profile, or answer other’s questions that are looking for the perfect answer that only you can provide. 


A cool feature is being able to repost back to a blog you’ve written if they want more information on your answer. This is an awesome way for people to find out about your business after proving you know what you’re talking about. On the other hand, people’s questions can become your next blog post topic! 

6. Craft a daily email series

Some topics are better understood in bite sized pieces! Consider doing a daily email series where little chunks of valuable content is to your subscribers’ inbox every day. This can be an effective way to build an email list as well. Maybe post a small piece of content about a topic, and encourage your followers to sign up for your newsletter to get the other great pieces of content. 

The awesome thing is that the work is pretty much already done! If you are repurposing content, then all that is left to do is restructuring it in a way that works best for that medium.

7. Create an ebook

Maybe you have been blogging for a while. The research is done, organized in a blog post, and maybe even supported with graphics. The next step would be to create an ebook! This can be an incredibly valuable thing to offer your audience. 

If you decide to go this route, make sure time is spent to further research and supplement the information you’ve previously garnered. Add photos if you haven’t already. Make this worth the investment for both you and your audience. 

ebook example

Pro Tip: Once you have this e-book, you can use it to grow your subscriber list or use it as an additional revenue stream. 

8. Write a Guest Post

You may have some great content that will not only benefit your audience, but others’ as well. Partner up with a brand and guest post on each other’s feeds. It can be a highly effective way to build brand awareness and show that you’re involved with the community of which you are a part. 

Another option of guest posting is to collaborate on a blog post. Maybe they have a post that you can add valuable insight to and vice versa. See if they will allow you to add a little snippet of content to their blog. Maybe you have an interesting image or infographic that would be perfect for their most recent blog. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to collaborate with others. 

Having your content on other sites will ultimately drive traffic back to you! Like previously mentioned, these links back to you will help boost SEO.

9. Create a podcast or video series

The content that you post on a regular basis may be a great idea for a podcast episode or series. Podcasts are starting to become more popular by the month! If podcasts aren’t your thing, then try a video series or youtube channel. Gen Z is even starting to hop on these trends, and we already went over the importance of being able to effectively market to that generation. 

Not all your followers want to read the content they consume. Some people have long commutes, or like to listen to podcasts while making dinner. This is the beautiful thing about repurposing content. You can take your content and republish it to a new medium like podcasts or video. 


Repurposing content can change how you look at your social media content strategy. One piece of impactful content can be the root of so many more great posts. So, start to take a look at older pieces of content that can be updated and repurposed to benefit your audience.

It could be the start of your next podcast, or the catalyst for more mailing list subscribers. Whatever it will be, make sure you post it to let your audience know! In the end, they are the reason you are in business, and the whole point of why we strive to create valuable pieces of content. 


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