Why You Should be Using Quora for Marketing Right Now!

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How do you reach anyone in an oversaturated market these days? In a world where only about 6.51% of your total Facebook followers see your post, there’s got to be something better right? There is!

Quora is not exactly a social media platform, and not quite a search engine. It sits right in the middle of those two. It is a platform where people write questions about a given topic, and others have the opportunity to answer those questions. Since a lot of knowledge is experiential and subjective, many answers can be correct to a single question. Quora uses advanced AI and machine learning to point that question to the right people to answer it, in a timely manner. People can even write a question to a specific person. As a result, all users gets a highly personalized feed.

Quora Feed

With Quora, you can reach and engage with customers that your competitors are not reaching. It’s a new way to provide value at the same time of building awareness for your company. No content creation is necessary! All you need is the knowledge you have been tirelessly acquired and refined through your career.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Quora is a demand-driven site. No need to scroll past useless content you don’t want to see. Everytime you open Quora, you have an opportunity to connect with real people who want to know about what you have to offer.

How People Use Quora

The platform is available as a website, and as an app. Quora has been around for 10 years now, and has over 300 million unique monthly visitors. Half of these users are in the U.S. 

Quora in the App Store

The questions are also indexed by Google and Bing, so this means people are discovering Quora through organic searches on these search engines.

Most questions on Quora are answered within 24 hours, especially if you request answers from specific people. It is also important to click the “Ask to Answer” option. If one does not do either of these things, questions may not be answered for days, weeks, or ever. This is due to the constant wave of questions being asked on the platform.

Quora Ask to Asnwer

Quora offers topics on just about everything you could imagine. You can even follow certain topics, so you’ll see any conversation about them. The more topics you follow and more questions about a particular topic that you answer, the more your Quora feed and notifications will be tailored to your specific interests and expertise.

Content Marketing

Maybe people don’t know you have anything to offer at all! That is why Quora is so powerful. If you have content or a blog that is not getting the traction or exposure you want, than this platform may be able to help. As stated earlier, the content on Quora is indexed by Google. What you post will be around for years to come.

So, when you’re answering questions you can write an original post, copy, paste, and quote information from your website! You can then link your answer back to a blog post and suggest the readers to go to your site for  more information. Quora has rules for citing these types of things, but once you get the format down, it can be very effective promo for your blog or website.

You can even run ads on Quora! Marketers are getting pretty clever when creating ads for this platform. Some marketers are posting ads as if they are questions that have been answered. Promoting your content through Quora is a great way to expand your companies reach.

There are different kinds of targeting and types of ads. Each one is very effective in their own right. Some people use them for top-of-funnel awareness building. If you give a really great answer to a really in depth question, and link back to your blog,  you can then retarget anyone who has seen that question. This will help you build a funnel. It is very similar to when you are making video campaigns and can retarget anyone who has seen around 10 or 20 seconds.

You can target engaged users on those questions and motivate them to do what you are trying to get them to do. Marketers are still trying to figure out what works well on this platform, so go on and join the fun! Take advantage of what so many marketers are missing.

What is Coming in the Future for Quora

Quora has said they are working on some really great features, especially for businesses. They are actually working on developing Business Accounts. These kinds of accounts will help businesses establish a presence on the platform because roles could be assigned to different people within the business.

What this means is that an individual person can respond on the companies behalf. This would establish a wider reach for the company instead of just having a single person respond. People come and go, so it is important to keep all answers that anyone has done for the company directing back to the company even if they leave. Those answers will forever be contributing to your business account, which will build your reputation and brand.

It was also said that there could be a verification feature coming in the future. This would prove who is actually responding for a brand, and who is just faking being a representative. However, this is not set in stone and the process is still being thought through.

There are so many ways to attract local customers and people all over the world to your business. It is clear that Quora can be a strong force for your brand. Marketers are slowly diversifying their focus on this platform from larger platforms because there is so much more opportunity. Get new leads and customers, establish a reputation in your industry, boost your reach and SEO all with Quora – a new way to provide value while simultaneously building brand awareness. 

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